On the surface, The Flavor is a Cleveland-based four-piece blues-roots-rock band. However, like any good sauce, it’s more complex than that. The members span an age range of 30 years, and their influences, which vary from blues to metal to Motown, are just as wide.  Notable, too, is that the band are largely self-sufficient; they are their own graphic designers, recording engineers, producers, etc.

So, what ingredients are required to get The Flavor tasting just right? First in the mix is 25-year-old Cleveland blues singer/songwriter/guitarist “Hot Sauce” Joe Landes, the youngest member with the oldest musical collection, and a true student of blues music. Also adding a heaping helping of guitar, vocals, and songwriting is veteran musician/producer/recording engineer Dave Mann Wolf. He also takes pride in being the oldest member with the youngest mentality. Picking up the low-end with a dash of bass is Love Muffin Records owner Adam Rich. Rounding out the group with a savory side of drums is Ernie Richmann, also the band’s art director.

Together as The Flavor, the group offers an exciting entree of rockin’ original music that’s sure to leave you feeling pleasantly satisfied and wanting more!